2019 AID Summer
常見問題 (Q & A) >> Living conditions

Where will the volunteers be living during teaching weeks?
There will be various living areas provided by the schools. Some schools will provide student dorms, teacher dorms, or the principal dorm while some schools will let volunteers stay in a nearby hotel.

Do the accommodations have air conditioning and washing machines?
Although some living spaces have equipped air conditioning, do not expect that you will stay at a space with air conditioning. Almost every school, if not all, have washing machines.

Are mosquito bites a serious problem?

Because it is during the summer and the schools are in more remote areas, do expect there to be mosquitoes. You may use Citronella oil or mosquito repellant to prevent bites, but some students have found insect repellants to be of no great use. The best way to prevent mosquito bites is to cover up exposed skin; wearing trousers/pants/jeans that cover the legs will keep mosquitoes from biting there. It may still be a good idea to bring topical creams for insect bites.

Can volunteers send email or Text during the teaching weeks?
All schools have WiFi and wired Internet connections in the offices, computer lab, and dorms. You should bring your laptop if you have one.

How much money should I bring for this trip?
It will vary depending on individuals. Some volunteers in the past spent close to US$800 for haircuts, CDs, video games, movies, computer accessories, and snacks while others spent only US$200 for doctor visiting for flu, souvenirs, and snacks.

Can parents visit volunteers during the teaching weeks?
Weekend schedules have been arranged by hosting schools. Volunteers should not leave their teaching groups during weekends.