2019 AID Summer
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Do I need to apply for a tourist visa?
If you hold a Canadian, British, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, or US passport and do not intend to stay more than 90 days in Taiwan, you will not need to have a tourist visa. Also, beware that the expiration date of the passport should be no earlier than 1/1/2020.

When should I arrive at Taipei and the date I can leave the program?

Admitted volunteers should arrive at the training center before 5pm on 6/29/2019 and can leave in the early morning at 8:00AM on 7/27/2019. If you are from the West Coast of the US, you should take an afternoon flight on or before 6/28 and a flight on or before 6/27 if you are from the East Coast of the US. If you would like to arrive one day earlier (6/28) or leave one day later (7/28), a shared room can be provided at NT$800 per night. You can make the payment to the reception desk when you check in. Admitted volunteers will be able to opt in for this service in the relevant section of their volunteer accounts. Free transportation will also be provided to volunteers who specifically request this service.

Will group fare tickets be arranged for the admitted volunteers?
We will not arrange for the group fares. However, we will contact airlines to provide seats for admitted volunteers if they are unable to find seats on their own.

When my relative in Taiwan can pick me up on the last day of the program?
Volunteers can can pick from the Chientan Overseas Youth Activity Center between 8:00am and 11:00am on the last day of the program.