2019 AID Summer
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Items that will be provided by the program
One large tote, two uniform shirts, toothbrush/toothpaste, pens, notebooks, soap, towel, clothes hangers, bath tissue, laundry powder.
The large tote is intended for volunteers to use during the tour week. There should be more than enough room to bring the essentials so that volunteers can leave heavy luggage behind at a storage room.

General Airline Luggage Restrictions (different airlines may have different restrictions):
Check-in Luggage: Must be less than 44 pounds; total dimensions of length, width, and height should not be over 62 inches (length+width+height<62 inches)
Carry-on tote: Must be less than 11 pounds; total dimensions of length, width, and height should not be over 39 inches (length+width+height<39 inches)
If you want to bring any liquids in your carry-on luggage, you must follow the 3-1-1 rule. (Bottles must be 3 oz or less and all bottles must all fit into one 1 quarter size zip bag.)

Packing list:
Bring luggage bags with wheels and don't over pack - you'll want to leave room for souvenirs.

Bring at least two pairs of pants that cover the entire leg, four sets of casual clothing, 5-6 changes of underwear and socks, 1 pair of comfortable walking shoes, a waterproof light-weight jacket, sleepwear, and a swimsuit. Two uniform shirts will be given upon your arrival and are to be worn with the abovementioned pants during training, teaching, and ceremonies. Pants should be suitable for business/smart casual settings – meaning no athletic wear, tight-fitting materials, gaudy patterns or colors. Jeans and khakis are fine, as long as they fit the requirements mentioned above. Casual clothing can be whatever you want, but please keep it tasteful.

Optional Items:
Consider bringing personal eating utensils such as chopsticks/fork and spoon, a plate/bowl if you are concerned about sanitation. On a similar note, feel free to bring a personal pillow.

Consider bringing laundry supplies (traavel-size laundry detergent, multpurpose laundry net,etc), a mini sewing kit in case of rips/tears, quart sized zip-top plastic bags, insect repellant, a digital camera with USB connection cable, extra batteries, raincoat and/or umbrella. Although schools will provide laundry powder and washing machines, you may want a small bottle of laundry detergent during the tour.

Do not forget to bring a 4 weeks supply of any personal medication and more if you are planning on staying longer.

Remember to bring toothbrush/toothpaste, shampoo/conditioner, hair dryer, shaving kit/supplies, sanitary supplies. Also consider bringing a basic first aid kit: band-aids, over-the-counter antibacterial cream for cuts/wounds, over-the-counter pain medication, over-the-counter cold medication, and cortisone cream (for bug bites)

Teaching materials:
Flashcards, sentence strips, cookies, snacks or candies (or other awards)

Personal Eating Utensils (may not necessary)
Chopsticks/fork and spoon, large plate, bowl for health cautious

Small gift items:
Value for individual items should not be over US$10. You can give small gifts to your teachers or students. Gifts could represent the culture of your residential city or be items hand-made by yourself.

Bringing a laptop is recommended. Be sure to keep careful watch over it so that nothing happens to it.