2019 AID Summer
常見問題 (Q & A) >> Teaching

What are the goals for teaching?
The main goal is to let the students see that learning English can be fun and rewarding and that it is something that they would want to continue into the future. You can set individual goals in your own teaching plans.

What level of English are the students at?
It depends on whether you are assigned to a middle school or an elementary school. The level of English may differ among schools as well, though most classes will be held for entry level students.

What should I do after receiving an admission letter?

  1. Login to your Volunteer account on the website to check your admission status by the early April. You can find your volunteer ID number if you are either admitted or on the waiting list.
  2. Please click Accept if you are accepting the offer or click Decline if you decide not to go. If you wish to decline your offer, please do so as soon as possible.
  3. Make a doctor appointment to complete the Health Certificate Form.
  4. Frequently visit the online forum designated for the admitted volunteers to introduce yourself to others and keep up with the conversation flow. If you don’t visit the forum for a long period of time, it will indicate to the organizer that you are not highly motivated to stay updated and may result in your substitution by the next volunteer on the waiting list.
  5. Prepare to write a teaching plan and submit it online.
  6. Submit your flight schedule once you purchase a flight ticket.

Who will teach at middle schools and who will teach at elementary schools?
Admitted volunteers must upload a copy of their purchased airline ticket or evidence of purchase evidence with ticket number in their personal accounts before hosting schools can be assigned. We need to see that volunteers are fully committed to the program. Admitted applicants will be assigned mostly based on the following principles: high school volunteers and freshmen in college will teach at elementary schools and upperclassmen college volunteers will teach at middle schools. All graduating high school seniors will be assigned to elementary schools.

How am I going to find my assigned teaching partners?
You will have to find your own teaching partners by chatting in the online forum with the other volunteers who have been assigned to your school.

What is the online forum?
The online forum contains all information regarding schools, teaching materials, travel plans, contact emails of hosting schools, students’ language levels, reflections and teaching plans of previous volunteers, group airfares, and the latest announcements. Above all else, it is intended as a platform for all volunteers to engage in conversation with each other, as not everyone may be fervent users of social media sites. Volunteers should use the forum to share interests and make friends, meet teaching partners, plan performances, and discuss teaching plans. Your room number at the training site during the first week will also be posted on the forum four days before the program start.

What should I wear during my teaching weeks?

To maintain a sense of uniformity and professionalism, two uniform polo shirts will be provided for volunteers to wear every day of the teaching weeks. You must bring trousers/pants/jeans/khakis that cover the entire leg. Not only will they help prevent mosquito bites, but there will also be days when you will be required to present yourself more professionally. Shorts and skirts will not do in such cases. Think smart casual – athletic wear and gaudy or tight-fitting materials are not professional. Washing machines and detergent will be available for free at all school sites.

What should I do if I have to cancel my participation due to an unexpected event?
Please go to your personal account on the program website and click the Decline button on the online Admission Letter. Please also call the cultural center nearest your permanent address to explain what has happened. Please call them as soon as possible so that the volunteer opportunity can be given to another applicant.

Do I have to attend the tour during the last week?
It is not necessary, but you will not receive your service certificate until November if you don’t attend the ceremony at the end of the last week. Please make sure that the mail address in your online account is up to date.