2019 AID Summer
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Chang, Wendy (張維庭)
AID provided me with the opportunity to learn, to teach, and to see the world. The first week of the program was learning how to be a good teacher, flooding us with teaching ideas and ways of teaching, putting our teaching hats on. This was eye opening and also very helpful for when we prepare for our own lessons. However, the two weeks of teaching was even more memorable. Throughout the teaching weeks, I continued to learn from our students every day. They continued to exceed our expectations, opening our eyes even more to a new look on life. Being able to teach kids in rural areas is very rewarding with the only down side being that two weeks of teaching is too short.
One of the most rewarding aspect of this program was being able to have the chance to make lifelong friendships. Through these friends and team mates, I was able to see the wider world. Together, we worked through high and lows, overcome the hiccups on the trip together and shared each other's happiness. Overall, I had the best time in Taiwan. I experienced more than I could have ever asked for and grown through these experiences. I gained so much from this once in a life time experience and I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to join AID.