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5109: 陳致柔 ; Author: Huei Wang

Taiwan forever has a special place in my heart as my one and only hometown. And because of that, I want the beauty of Taiwan in all its entirety to also be rooted in my daughter, Jill, who was born in Indiana and moved to Los Angeles in 2003 when she was almost 2 years old. Every year, for the past 16 years, I brought my daughter back to Taiwan. When she was little, she was unwilling and unable to use the squatting-toilet in Taiwan. And in general, she associated Taiwan as 'mandatory family visits with mom.' After many years of exposure and self grown familiarity, she grew to love the once peculiar street foods, eager to see her Taiwan-residing family, and even became accustomed to using the squatting-toilets. When FASCA announced that they had begun accepting online registration into their one month long A.I.D summer program, Jill applied immediately without hesitation. I was happy that she took the initiative and believed that she going to have an incredibly eye opening experience. Yet at the same time, I was also riddled with a mother's worry – can she survive an entire month without me close by?
She would have to travel alone internationally for the first time. I worried about everything from the potential problems at luggage check-in to the potential problems going through Taiwanese immigration once she arrived. I had to keep reminding myself that this was a great opportunity for her to practice handling things on her own; to be the independent woman I know she can be. During the first week of training at the Chientan Youth Activity Center, she told me she felt exhausted every day with the tight time schedule of the program. The first week went by surprisingly quick, and to my relief she survived! In addition, she had learned how to utilize the 'speech-to-text' feature on the Line application to message her aunts in Taiwan every day. In the two weeks that followed, Jill was assigned to Young Kang Elementary School in Nantou County and housed in a classroom with 11 team members and 11 sleeping bags. The school was located in the middle of no where; the nearest convenience store was a 15 minute drive away. She told me that she grappled with new severely large bug bites each and every day, and had never experienced having so many bugs flying and crawling around her sleeping and showering area. As the days went by, the horribly painful looking bug bites didn’t recede, and the color only darkened to a worrying purple. Much to my relief, the school director was very nice and took her to see a dermatologist. While these were not in any way pleasant experiences, Jill did in turn experience the kindness of the people in Taiwan and learned to appreciate the small blessings in everyday life. And while everyday came with its own challenges and hardships, she learned to build and develop strong friendships and relationships with her group mates, kids, and teachers. In retrospect, though the program passed by in a hurried glance, it was nonetheless an enjoyable experience for her.

Almost all parent want their kids to stay out of trouble, do well in school, and go on to do amazing things as adults, but sadly there isn’t a set recipe for raising successful adults. However, I believe that the A.I.D 2018 summer program can be a pretty essential ingredient.This program taught my daughter to appreciate what she has, grow her independence, share and develop her observations and beliefs, build her involvement in community aid, and even grow to love steamed bun and milk tea for breakfast!!

Thanks to OCAC (Overseas Community Affairs Council, Republic of China [Taiwan]) sponsor the A.I.D program to provide various growth opportunities to youth through volunteer services! Also thanks to Jennifer老師and other parents of FASCA A.I.D participants who shared useful information via the Line application.

5111: 黃榆雯 ; Author: 邱美惠

5111: 黃榆雯 Author: 邱美惠
2年前是大女兒參加僑委會及教育部協辦的AID Summer英語志工教學活動,榆雯從姐姐的口述及經驗中,感受到這個活動的意義與重要,她非常期待自己也能親身體驗與感受台灣的文化與教育環境,更希望能從這次的培訓與研討中,將自己所學所會的知識,去教導與啟蒙這些稚愛的孩子們,讓他們有機會學習英文,為他們種下學習的種子,進而發芽深根結果。
回台之前得知分發到桃園芭里國小,榆雯在Team work群組裡,和隊友與指導老師密切聯繫討論,並準備教學材料與教學內容。今年教學主題是以日常所需與生活飲食為主,榆雯將家裡所有吃喝玩樂的包裝盒與說明書,全部打包準備帶到學校大展身手。看她摩拳擦掌與認真負責的樣子,不由會心一笑,女兒長大了!懂得付出與奉獻,不再只是玩樂了!

5126: 張盼庭 ; Author: 張純通

學員: 張盼庭 家長:張純通

英語志工服務營、鼓勵海外學子借此機會走出舒適區(Comfort Zone),將自己所學回饋
第一個禮拜在劍潭集訓五天、 要求的是集中訓練、團體生活、互相學習、成果報告。
在劍潭的小小世界村裡、 讓孩子接觸到來至各國各地方相近年齡的青年、相互成長、
盼庭分配到雲林縣文昌國小。 她和其他七位學員分別安排在寄宿家庭、有Home爸
Home媽細心照顧、校長、主任、老師和家長會們熱心接待。 讓來至美國的志工老師
街騎著腳踏車上下課、 回Home爸 Home媽家準備課程、 計畫安排起業式和結業式的表
演、盼庭沒說過她想家。 她說每天都好忙、沒有時差的問題。雖然辛苦、但看到學生
們個個好學和可愛的笑容環繞在身邊還有說不完的話、她覺得很有成就感。 既使被蚊
對我而言離家一段時間對孩子的成長比較快。 在這次英語志工營的活動中、孩子必須
學會尊重長官們指示、 指導、和同組的夥伴分工合作、 準備教材、安排表演、討論上
課教學情形、學會獨立、照顧自已。 很欣慰盼庭都做到了、完成回台教英文的使命。
我終於覺得孩子長大了、可以獨當一面、而我學會放手。 參加海外青年英語志工營對


5657: 賴德華 ; Author: Jenny Hsu

Dear AID,
Thank you for taking care of my child, Edward Lai and giving him such a wonderful opportunity to go out and teach English in Taiwan. We could tell that he really enjoyed his trip because of all the stories he told us when he came back to the U.S., such as all the amazing foods he tried , friends he made, and cultures he experienced. This will for sure be a experience he never forgets and will cherish throughout his life. We really appreciate the hard work and dedication you guys put into this program and will definitely recommend AID to other friends.
Best regards,
Jenny Hsu