2018 AID Summer
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Wu, Chia-Yin (吳佳穎)
This past month has been a terrific experience. I was one of two Australians who participated this round, therefore throughout the program I was able to meet so many fun and amazing teachers and fellow volunteers from across the world. The initial week was training week and throughout this week I met the people also volunteering at Ma Guang Junior High. We all got along extremely well and managed to win us the first trip to the night market on the first night. Our teacher, Peter from Ma Guang really looked out for us and also helped us create our lesson plans and understand what to expect when we arrived at the school. The day we arrived at Ma Guang Junior High we were warmly welcomed by a group of Ma Guang graduate volunteers whom have participated in this program as students in the past. My partner, Adrianne and I made most teaching days consisting of games in order to engage the students are they were very shy and somewhat reluctant to use English. However, we found by incorporating competitive games in the learning they became extremely lively and confident. We were surprised by their English capabilities and realized they are just extremely timid when asked to use it in front of a large group. From this program I was able to experience what it is like to want your students to improve and learn as much as they can. We always found ourselves unknowingly staying up late to make materials and come up with different activities for the next day. I am very grateful to have participated in this program, to learn about my heritage but also to be involved with and meet an amazing local community where parents wish for and give their all to provide the best education to the younger generation at Ma Guang.