2018 AID Summer
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Lew, Edwin (劉逸文)
Having participated in AID 2017 summer teaching program, I can definitely say this is a very meaningful program that has allowed me to experience so much, grow as an individual and gain many important life skills. These past 2 weeks have been an amazing experience for me and I have very much enjoyed every second of it.

We would wake up early every morning to get ready and prepare the classroom for the kids. Work with them all day until the afternoon, and when they went home, we would immediately go back to our rooms and discuss as a team all the problems we had that day and spend the rest of the night preparing lessons, finishing at around 11pm most nights. We wanted each day to be as perfect as possible for the kids, because to all of us, this was our priority and goal.

I loved spending each day with these kids, they were the highlight of everyday and their smiles told me all my effort was worth it. I would have to be a little crazy with them so they would open up to me, and at the same time be a teacher that they can all respect. I have become very close with the group that works with me and I will definitely miss them all so much. The two weeks have seriously gone by so quickly, and I really wish I could have had the opportunity to stay even longer with them.

I have also made some lifelong friends that I have become very close to. This program gave me this opportunity to meet new people and make so many good friends.

Overall, the program has been great, there were some problems at Chien Tan Youth Activity Centre with organisation problems and shirts. I hope these problems can be fixed for future participants, but apart from this, I very much recommend this program to everyone. It's a great opportunity and I would love to participate in similar programs.