2018 AID Summer
志工感言 (Reflection) >> Cape Town
# Center
1 Houston
2 SF-Milpitas
3 New York
4 Toronto
5 Orange
6 Chicago
7 Maryland
8 Seattle
9 Vancouver
10 Los Angeles
11 Boston
12 Atlanta
13 Denver
14 Miami
15 London
16 Cape Town
17 Sydney
18 Hawaii
19 Queensland
Keir , Cynric (張育澤)
This AID summer camp has really given me an opportunity to express myself to others as well as make a difference in people's lives. AID has helped me realise how fortunate we really are and how helping people can really make a difference. I feel like I have definitely made a difference in people's lives during this programme whether it be with the students, teachers, councelors and my fellow friends that I made at AID. This camp had helped me develop my passion for helping people and I am grateful that I was able to be a part of this programme

The memories that I formed at AID are for sure going to be unforgettable and I know for a fact that many people feel the same way. This trip has enabled all of us to meet new people as well as to try new things and venture into a whole new world. This camp had made unbreakable friendships and a long lasting brotherhood between many people. I am very happy that I was able to participate in AID and I hope that I will be able to return one day and meet everyone again. AID turned what was a simple hello into a difficult goodbye.