2018 AID Summer
活動參加說明 (Admissions) >> AID Summer 網路報名-Open

請避免開設多個網路帳戶,以免評審人員誤讀您的資料,可能會影響您的入選機會。也請務必使用申請人本人帳戶,並請申請人自行填寫資料。有關帳戶開設疑問或遺忘密碼等,請送至 contact@aidsummer.org.

確認信函可能會被傳送到您帳戶的垃圾檔內,請將此信函轉到一般收件檔,並加入到您的聯絡人清單中, 也請勿忘了儘早向學校申請成績單,寄送到網路報名單中所指定最近之華僑文教服務中心的收件地點。或者,可以請學校將正式成績單以電子郵件方式傳送到contact@aidsummer.org

Please request your school to mail your official transcript to the designated culture center shown on your online application webpage as early as possible.
Or, they may email it to contact@aidsummer.org if an electronic official transcript is preferred.

You and your family members do not have to book flights before you are admitted to this program since there are no guarantee that everyone will have a spot in this program.

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